Alpha Gas is proud to announce that the LNGC "Energy Fidelity", has been selected as one of the Significant Ships of 2023 in a publication by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA). 
That recognition is a testament to Alpha Gas and Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI) dedication to adopting the latest innovative design and technology in the maritime industry.

The 174,000m3 LNGC "Energy Fidelity" was delivered in April 2023 by HSHI as the first of a series of three energy efficient vessels ("Energy Endurance" and "Energy Fortitude" were delivered in January and March 2024 respectively). 
Energy Fidelity was developed by the Hyundai Maritime Research Institute. It has an unusual design element forward of the cargo tanks which is called the air resistance shield located on both sides of the hull and aimed at giving the ship an improved air resistance. Underwater is the air lubrication system to reduce friction and save more energy. The ship also brings a new first for Alpha Gas as it is propelled by WinGD dual-fuel engines with two shaft generators as well as auxiliary engines by HiMSEN.
Alpha Gas SA is committed to a green future by operating a fleet of energy efficient eco-friendly vessels and by further expanding the fleet with more modern VLGC/VLAC at the most reputable shipyards.